3D The Mill Unlimited

3D The Mill Unlimited 1

3D Strategy Game

3D The Mill Unlimited is a classic strategy game with a different flavor and twist. This 3D version of a classic game has a textured 3D environment available in perspective view.

3D The Mill Unlimited is a game that can be played alone, against the computer with various difficulty levels, or against an opponent through a local network or LAN.

You have the option to create a game and invite a friend on a network to play, or join a newly created open game. Optional rollback of the game is available for a replay to be viewed later.

With this game, you can test how well you play strategic games and get your brain cells working on mind-bending strategies to defeat your opponent.

The software has optional sound effects and background music, all fully customizable. An online Help feature is also available and can be accessed anytime.

3D The Mill Unlimited requires at least a Windows 9x operating system, 3D accelerated graphics card, and DirectX plug-in installed in your computer.